The house now known as Heartfriends Inn Bed and Breakfast sits on land that was, according to local folklore, part of an 800 acre plantation over a hundred years ago.  Tales are told of the plantation owner not agreeing with his youngest daughter’s pick for a husband.  In an attempt to distance them from sight of his house, the owner gave his daughter land on which to build their home at a far perimeter of the plantation.  Her home still stands on a neighbor’s land as this land was parceled off about seventy years ago.  Many local residents have lived in her house and tell of spirits and ghosts playing tricks on them.


In 1994, we purchased this 1940 Cape Cod styled house from an 84 year old preacher and his school teacher wife.    Neglected and semi-abandoned, the house was in poor condition.  In fact, the only redeeming features remaining were good hardwood floors, a brick exterior and a wonderful setting.  Extensive renovation, rehabilitation and additions began in late 1999.  Unforeseen circumstances delayed completion over the next few years.  In February 2010, we welcomed our first guests Valentines weekend.


The retreat-like atmosphere and peacefulness of Heartfriends Inn B&B makes it the perfect setting for an escape from everyday stresses.  A two acre pond provides an ideal background for an outdoor wedding as well as a fantastic view from our wrap-around front porch.


If stealing away for a little R&R, lounging around in a comfy rocking chair watching the fish jump, reading or visiting, enjoying the paddleboats, hiking our 48 acres or fishing are not your cup of tea, our convenient location makes shopping, golfing, swimming or sightseeing a short trip.


We have strived to make Heartfriends Inn warm, welcoming and accommodating.  We hope you will feel the specialness that friendship and a shared vision has created.